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Welcome to the home page of Lydia McGrew. I am a homemaker and home schooling mom, and I do analytic philosophy in some of my spare time.



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Transcripts of the testimony of Diane Meyer, Joan Schiavo, and Scott Schiavo at the 2000 trial. Transcript of the entire trial testimony, including Mrs. Schindler. These original trial documents are difficult if not impossible to find elsewhere on-line.



St. Patrick’s Anglican Catholic Church in Comstock, MI, my own church.


Tim McGrew, chairman of the Department of Philosophy at Western Michigan University.


What’s Wrong With the World A conservative blog fighting against the Islamic jihad on the one hand and liberalism on the other.


My personal blog, Extra Thoughts



Some part of the site (usually the curriculum vitae) updated most recently October 28, 2016.


You are welcome to make contact with me by e-mail if (and only if) you are a nice human being with something normal to say or ask. One of my e-mail addresses is my name, first and last, all run together, followed by the “at” symbol, followed by the yahoo extension. You can also look me up in the contributor list at What’s Wrong With the World. Contributors are listed on the right (of course), and if you click on my name you will find a brief bio and a clickable version of my e-mail address.